Thursday, March 12, 2015

My rocky relationship with fitness

Hello once again,
Those who know me will know that I have never been one for working out. If you get right down to brass tacks I'm not good at it. I've seen people work out in gyms. I've looked at diagrams and suggested workouts. None of it makes sense. It's supposed to make sense right?
I get that you pick things up and put them back down again. That much is clear. The confusing part is how. If you twist your arm one way you work one muscle or group. Twist the other way to work another. Will I hurt myself? Which muscles should I be working out? Will I hurt myself?
As such I have opted not to join a gym. I've done that and due to my complete failure to understand what I was doing, it ended up begin quite the waste of money. Instead I am doing the exercises I know I can do right; push ups and crunches.
I have the great fortune to have, as part of my current job, about a minute to myself several times per day. I ride a slow elevator up to where I pick people up for a tour. My achievement is probably not impressive to anyone but for the sake of tracking this list of tasks I can tell you I am up to 15 push-ups or 25 crunches per elevator ride. I've only been at it for about a week and a half but I feel good about it.

Finally,  sorry it's been a while since I last posted but some of these goals take some serious doing. Thank you for reading and feel free to engage in comments to let me know what you think and which goal you think I ought to do next.

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