Saturday, December 27, 2014

30 before 30, a year of significance.

One year from today, I will turn thirty. Thirty! I know. The end of a decade on the planet. the last chance to say things like "I'm still young" or "I'll walk it off". The ultimate cultural primer "Friends" taught me to fear this spectre most of all. So, people of the anonymous and expansive internet, in the opening salvo of this new blog I make the following oath.

I, being of sound mind and body, do hereby resolve to complete the following before my birth date one year hence on which date I will have been alive thirty years. As I will be irreversibly "a grown up" these experiences and skills are either important for living up to the title or "no longer allowable" once the title is applied.

While this axiomatic relationship of old to young being marked at each decade is pretty questionable, I think that gaining a bunch of experiences and skills is reason enough to do anything. To borrow a term from one of my mentors, this will be a "year of significance" for me. 

1 Start and keep a home workout regimen
2 Weigh less than 200lbs
3 Walk the Lake Shore Path
4 Learn a new language (enough to get by in a conversation)
5 Party all night long
6 Learn to cook rogan josh (my favourite Indian dish) from scratch
7 Read one of the classics I always pretend to have read
8 Watch a movie which serves as a cultural touchstone
9 Attend a new cultural celebration
10 Learn a song on mandolin
11 Learn another song on mandolin
12 Learn yet another song on mandolin (this is part of a bigger goal related to my career, you understand)
13 Learn to cook a traditional French dish
14 Get something published legitimately
15 Go to an awesome concert, someone big
16 Try Pequod's pizza
17 Try Lou Malnatti's pizza
18 Learn to tend bar (at least five drinks)
19 Skydive, bungee jump or otherwise endanger myself for amusement
20 Eat a Chicago style beef sandwich.
21 Drive to Canada, do something Canadian.
22 Eat something that repulses me
23 Disconnect for a week- no internet or phone
24 Purchase and assemble a ridiculous Lego set
25 Play on a playground
26 Watch all of the James Bond movies
27 Go to an open house
28 Go to a fortune teller
29 Leave my current job
30 Share lunch with a homeless person

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